‘Dead on arrival’ Kenyans lash out at Moses Kuria for ditching Jubilee for his own party

Photo; Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria/courtesy

All is not well for Moses Kuria even after successfully registering his own political party.

The Gatundu South legislator who seemingly has ended his membership at Jubilee silently, has taken to his Facebook account to invite Kenyans for the official handing over of the Transformation National Alliance Party registration certificates.

Moses Kuria’s new strategy to takeover power in 2022 through his own political party has not been fully welcomed by Kenyans online. Most people are claiming that the Transformation National Alliance Party will not have any considerate impact in 2022.

According to Moses Kuria the party has been formed because the ruling party has failed to deliver its promises to the people.

This comes as Moses Kuria had earlierĀ  vowed to enter the race for State House come 2022. His self endorsement is evident through some of the reactions elicited online.

Earlier on, the legislator fueled rumors of vying for the presidential seat on a Democratic Party ticket, claims that have since been rubbished.

But many Kenyans have expressed their exclusion from Moses Kuria’s party. It has not adhered to full national representation according to most comments on his Facebook post.

The outspoken lawmaker has also been accused of preaching water and drinking wine. Moses Kuria has been vocal in condemning early politicking but the fact that he has launched a new political outfit has been interpreted as a form of early politicking.

Moses Kuria new political move is just but the sign of confusion that have rocked the Mt.Kenya region. The region have always voted as a block but their is a clear rift being created by numerous political parties in the region and Dr William Ruto inversion.

Dr William Ruto has won numerous legislators from the region who are ready to support him even with their lives.

On the other hand, Murang’a Governor Mwangi Wa Iria also registered his own political party, Civic Renewal Party, which is bracing up to outshine Jubilee’s influence in the Land of ‘uthamaki.’

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