‘Cancer will Not stop us from Taking Mursik!’

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Traditional fermented milk Mursik has falsely been associated with throat cancer for some time. Photo/File

When oesophageal cancer study was conducted by the National Cancer Institute in Tenwek Hospital in 2013, the results that came out later shocked many residents in the entire Rift Valley region.

The research study which sought to determine the causes of rising oesophageal cancer among the residents of Bomet showed that hot beverage and the use of Mursik (traditionally fermented milk) could be associated with esophageal cancer.

A Kalenjin woman pouring fresh milk into a calabash (Sotet) in order to ferment into Mursik. Photo/Courtesy

The research found that when Mursik is ingested several times daily, the repeated exposure to carcinogenic levels of ethanol may contribute to the initiation of cancer formation of the esophagus.

Contrary to the earlier research findings, cancer experts in the country have, however, dispelled fears linking mursik to throat cancer and are now advising Mursik lovers to enjoy as much fermented milk as they can.

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A Kalenjin lady taking Mursik from a traditional calabash. Photo/File

According to the National Cancer Registry at the Kenya, which is part of Kenya Medical Research Institute (Kemri),  there was no conclusive research conducted so far in the country to determine the said claims.

The study which was conducted at the Kenyatta National Hospital found that fermented milk, including the traditional ‘mursik’, does not cause either cancer of the throat or large intestines.

Even as the two reports continue to cause ambiguities among Kenyans, Mursik lovers, especially from the Rift Valley region have promised to stay put and continue ingesting their favorite drink terming it a traditional drink which has been used over and over since time immemorial with no cancer-causing records.

Here are some reactions from Twitter and Facebook users;

Solomon Miranga Chege I think in 1980 s there were no or very low cases of cancer and our great grandfathers lived on it ( sour milk ) .Let’s be real and Let’s not poison everything 

Habaswein Al-habasweyne What kind of conspiracy theory is this? Nonsense!! In fact Mursik aka yoghurt is known to boost the immune system …and considered healthiest food. Other factors may be responsible for the high cancer prevalence…do the research!!

Macleod Oliver so because laboso has died when she comes from rift so mursik is the cause nonsense

Macleod Oliver so because laboso has died when she comes from rift so mursik is the cause nonsense

Geofrey Korir Daily nation acheni kuingilia maziwa na mtafute dawa ya cancer ,nimemaliza cup moja tu xai,

William Makonge Just afew month ago,this same research team said sugar has macury, then themselves are taking tea to date,some few weeks ago they said meat has chemical substance’s, currently they are eating roasted and fried meat to date,now they have reached out to murzik(milk) ,this is an insult, milk has been there for generations, and it has been termed as a complete meal for young and adults, ..what i know is that after they researched the same day they used masiwa lala(murszik)its good for health..





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