(VIDEO) Kenyan man biting woman in argument causes social media outrage.

A Kikuyu couple was caught on video quarreling in their car and the video has since gone viral. The viral video focuses on the angry lady who demands to be paid back all the years she invested in the man before she can leave. It is understood that this is after the man demanded that they break up.

The couple has been together for 10 years and has two children together alongside two others from the lady’s previous marriage. It is understood that the woman took care of the man financially and he’s asking for a break up now after landing a job. The woman painfully narrates all the money she has spent on him and demands it back before she leaves.

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She also explained that she wouldn’t alight the car until she met the Betty her man was going to see, Betty is believed to be the side chic. The two quarreled until it got physical when the man bit her. The woman revealed scars he had given her in the past and even screamed out of the car ‘ananiua’ meaning ‘he’s trying to kill me, help’!

The two caused a spectacle online with netizens giving their thoughts and advise, as some trolled the man for being weak. Check out the video and its reactions;

Nimco Nux Adan This woman is in a lot of pain …this man is obviously a dog..a user

Latiz Lorra Kama wapenda kufugwa kama kuku walishwa na mwanamke..utalipa bro ya mwanamke haiendi bure tena amemzalisha two kids! Ten yrs! Si ati hawezi somesha hao watoi. Uchungu wa mapenzi..dumping her for another woman..jamaa amlipe tu.

Gidyy Sang This women….ati “ananiuaaaa?” You know that guy can be killed by mob justice juu ya ufala? Mimi na marriage ni kwa binoculars.

Paula Maks And they both seem to forget their children names really saitani has invaded families

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Mum PromiseAnd Jayden Hii ni kama noogle ingine nilisaidia time hakua Na job,juzi amepata kajob wasili amekua kama pepo,Mimi helping a man,ndingihota

Sausi VAN Bomaz A wife needs to be like this sometimes,ndio tusiboeke sana

Zeruol Saleem Boss, next time tafuta chameleon uekange mahali incase of these emergencies. Akileta kichwa unaitoa anaenda kama safari rally

Anthony Kiungu Hataki kushuka jaza fuel enda msa atashukia mlolongo akienda sana machakos junction na usiongee naye ni kichwa ngumu huyu anajua kuonea mtu 18 😂😂😂

Hasso Regi Yussuf That man bure kabisa when you need help from her ulikuwa mtu mzuri leo umepata jjob umeanza kuringa

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Proff O Juma The problem with this lady alikuwa amependa huyu jamaa zaidi..Na kumbe jamaa alikuwa kwake wakati hakuwa na kitu, that’s means jamaa hakuwa anampenda. Guy’s sometimes let us be honest, as you can hear this, huyu dem alikuwa amemlipia mpaka 120k hos, now that the guy amepata job, ameona huyu dem kama mjinga. This lady loves this guy so much, hii ni mapenzi inamfanya anaongea hivi. This what we call crazy love.

Wilfred Masire I support the lady. A woman who is willing to pay for your bill when your sick must really love you. And the amount she spent is not peanut, if I were this man I will never leave this lady even if she had other kids from another marriage.

Sir’dick Otieno Naona shetani anampeleka uyo mwanamke kwenye RIPARIAN LAND……..atabuldoziwa

George Henry Ogolla Snr DIAGNOSIS SUMMARY-

-10+ years relationship
-4 children altogether
-2 from ladies previous relationship.
-Man was previously a nobody.
-Lady made Financial sacrifices for his sake.
-Alcohol abuse in the past.
-Stubborn dramatic and rudeness from lady
– Betty ????


-A) ascertain whether this is a true marriage or a “come we stay”

1) Salvation and deliverance for the Lady is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
2) Salvation and repentance for man, he is CHEATING on her.

Separation for a while, both to attend 8wks marriage counselling.

Official marriage thereafter in church.

NB: the father of the two other kids should be traced. He needs kiboko.

Betty why????

GHO Snr.

Rysher Sweery Msweet Hii ni mapenzi. Chuma ikilala ndani they will forget all that drama. Men please the way to solve a problem is to rethink on how you met, what attracted you to your wife, take a deep breath and hold her tight tell her how much you love her, it will make her cool down. Thinking of it all the separation do you good but affect the innocent children, they grow up knowing that violence is the key to solving problems. Show love to your next generation which are the children even if you are not the biological father.

Janet K Yule Dada devil is trying UA marriage instead of shouting and announcing wat u did to UA husband cry to God

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James Maroko The only problem for the lady is loving this nigga too much.she might have helped this guy to be what he is,only for him to elope.msceew

Moses Ngash This guy hajui…..she still loves him. Talk to her nicely take her home. Mpe 🌳🌳🌳 then see her reaction

Job Angwenyi I was in this kind of relationship thank God I walked out alive its been almost 1year now.
My advice is if both of you cant seem to synchronise and work things out just leave,walk out in peace.

Lwaque De Lwash Nyamita Hahahahaaa….. nitapata a man and half who will take care of the children na watoto siyooo…wake. Desperate and confused woman yawaaa…. that kind of man is found in hevean not on earth,think straight.

Mark Yule Msee The reason I won’t marry Kikuyu’s

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