Hakuna Place Unaenda! Nairobians Tell Sonko Over Plans to step Aside

Photo: Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko/courtesy

Nairobians are not ready to see their beloved Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko stepping  aside to allow the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission to carry out proper investigation  relating to alleged utterances he made, directed to Hon. Esther Passaris.

“I want to categorically state that, in the event it is established that I have a case to answer before the law, I am ready to step aside to allow the EACC complete investigations and determination of the matter,” Sonko stated.

His sentiments have angered the residents of Nairobi who are not ready to let him go. The Nairobians are instead encouraging him to keep the hope alive.

In a funny feedback, Sonko has responded to one of his followers echoing the ‘Wamunyonyez’ anthem.

However Mike Sonko has been accused of seeking public sympathy because he is scared of what EACC might have for him. This is informed by the fact that every public officers who has an active crime case is considered to step aside and allow proper investigation.

But to defend himself, Sonko has hurled very harsh words accusing one of his follower of smoking ‘bhang.’

Moreover some Nairobians are just anxious who would replace Mike Sonko if EACC decides to tell him to stop aside. Mike Sonko has been operating without a Deputy for quiet some time now. One might assume that it is a well calculated strategy to avoid being played like Governor Ferdinand Waititu.

But according to the constitution of Kenya, The Deputy Speaker is the one who in that case will step up to replace Sonko. The governor himself has claimed that the cartels are plotting to replace him with the speaker.


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