Unveiled! Crazy pick up lines used by Kenyan men that women despise

Image result for black man whispering to woman's ear
Man whispering to woman’s ear, Photo/Courtesy

They said that maneno matamu humtoa nyoka pangoni!

When a man really wants a woman, he perceives he can’t get the easy way, he usually cooks up different stories he can, and tells her to win her heart (more like deceiving her into giving in to his desires). That is why women must be more careful in dealing with men. When a guy comes your way, be sure to access him properly, lest you fall for his lies.

Kenyan men found themselves in the spotlight after a common phrase they have been using to lure ladies was finally exposed. Ladies stated it was a complete turnoff and it’s best if they refrained from using it on them.

It seems ladies are tired of this overused phrase by Kenyan men and took the discussion to social media.

Kenyan men, its high time you realized that the ladies don’t enjoy it at all costs.

Some men, however, are special. Even when it’s rubbed on their faces, they will never understand it.

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