Kenyans react on Celebrities decision for Cremation over Burial

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Mourners giving their last respect. Photo: Courtesy

With disagreements arising moments after Kibra MP was confirmed dead, a conversation on burials versus cremation has been spiked among Kenyans. The paternal family of the late Kibra MP Ken Okoth claims it has been kept in the dark over his burial plans. Okoth’s death has now brought controversy on where Okoth should be buried.

According to the family, the late MP is a grandson of a paramount chief known only as Obonyo who served for 50 years during the colonial era. Okoth’s paternal family in Kochia, Rangwe, wants to bury their son according to the Luo traditions.

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A body being cremated Photo: Courtesy

But Okoth’s mother wants his son interred in Kasawe in Homa Bay, where she built a home. So rightfully, where should he be buried?

Various cultures have different set of beliefs on how to treat the dead.


Many of us have different opinions on how we should handle the dead. Bearing in mind it’s a rite of passage in the african culture, we can only accept that they are dead and if they made any death wish it should be honoured. As much as we still have african values instilled in us, christianity too came with it’s set of values that saw us become other beings.

Below are more cultural beliefs Kenyans once believe in.

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