Kenyans Explain why Maasais Remain Healthy despite Eating Red Meat

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Maasai Morans roasting meat

Researchers and health experts have overtime warned the populace against eating red meat terming it as the major cause of cancer in Kenya.

According to health experts, Red meat is one of the most controversial foods in the history of nutrition which has been associated with increasing the risk of developing colorectal cancer in both men and women.

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But one community in Kenya, The Maasai which largely relies on meat as its stable food has left the researchers puzzled and scratching their heads.

Contrary to the health research reports, the Maasai’s are growing healthier each day without falling ill despite ingesting huge amounts of red meat. But what really keeps the pastoral community healthy despite exposing themselves to dangers of developing cancer?

Image result for Maasai Men eating meat with herbs in the bush
Maasai women walking for long distances looking for water

Well, Kenyans never disappoint with their answers. While researchers are still intrigued by the Maasai, ‘Ever Knowing’ Kenyans have already come to the aid of the researchers explaining to them in detail why their Maasai brothers continue to conquer cancer despite their lifestyle.


While most explanations seemed funny, some explained in detail why the community continues to stand strong against the most devastating disease in Kenya which is currently claiming many lives. Here are some of the explanations from Social Media;

Replying to Do the westerners walk as much as the Maasai?

Part of the explanation given is while Maasai cattle are free-range and grass-fed, many of today’s cattle are fed grain-based feed and given growth-promoting hormones and antibiotics.

One of the things that stood out is that the Maa people usually have specific herbs that they take before and after eating the meat. Some of the herbs are also laced with the meat’s soup hence cleaning their bodies of any harmful bacteria and pathogens that might come with the eating of red meat.

Anguche Sankara Dave Maasais have herbs that enhance digestion of the meat, eat one kilo take the herbs and you will feel you have not eaten anything

David Kitenge Soc They walk more than any average kenyan.

Kimoi Jerotich They eat the meat cooked with herbs not just like that. As well herbal medicine they take not only in sickness but as a routine to prevent sicknesses

Menye Milanoi You can’t advice a maasai to keep off red meat,blood and milk. Whether the consequences are fatal or not. We only fear cancer that can kill the cow 😂😂

Chris Mwangi Jnr Masai anajifugia ndama to a cow which he eats. It’s minerals are direct from the ground. Hazikuli machemicals mingi et al. Research ni ya nini hapa?



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