Ken Okoth’s Step Brother Disrespects His Sickly Mother, Kenyans teach him a lesson

Ken Okoth’s Step-Brother has become a punching bag on social media after he demanded that the fallen Kibra MP must be buried in his father’s home in Kochia village, Rangwe Constituency.

“Right now based on the fact that my father is no longer there, I’m acting on his behalf, in full capacity of my father. What we are doing right now is what he would have done, his wish is that his son to be brought back home and be buried next to him,” Alfred Omondi told a local daily.

Obonyo added,” we are not requesting mama Ken, we are demanding! My father took some dowry to their place and we are not requesting, we are demanding that his son who happens to be my brother be brought home and buried next to him.”

His sentiments have attracted the wrath of Kenyans who questioned where the family was when Okoth was struggling in Kibra slums.


Ken Okoth’s widow is also embroiled in another tussle with the mother over burial plans. The widow wants the body to be cremated according to his wish.


Some people have also agreed with Ken Okoth’s mother bearing in mind what deep Luo culture entails,”Mwacha Mila ni Mtumwa.”





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