‘Vijana tuache mihadarati’ Uhuru’s Jamaica trip excites Kenyans

Photo; President Uhuru Kenyatta/courtesy

Even after ‘Vijana tuache Mihadarati’ song rocked airwaves, bhang smokers are not ready to quit  the ‘holy herb.’

This follows an announcement from State House that President Kenyatta is scheduled to visit Kingston, Jamaica for a State Visit next week. The aim of the visit is to explore opportunities for enhanced bilateral relations.

This announcement has been received with a lot of hype and expectations from Kenyans especially in regard to the issue of legalization of Marijuana in the country.

Debate to legalize Cannabis  in the country has been in the ‘kitchen’ for quite sometime. As a matter of fact, Kibra MP Ken Okoth who succumbed to cancer was the one sponsoring the Bill that sought to legalize weed for pharmaceutical use.

But optimistic Kenyans are still hoping that Uhuru’s trip to Kingston Jamaica will  convince him to steer for its legalization.

Jamaica which is characterized by deep reggae culture allows bhang for medicinal use. However, possession of small amounts was reduced to a petty offence in 2015.


But Kenyans are dearly asking President Uhuru to intervene and legalize ganja.

Apart from Ken Okoth, Raila Odinga Junior is also among the top individuals pushing for legalization of weed in the country.

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