Unmasking Oscar Sudi! MP sat for KCSE and KCPE the same year

Over the past few years, Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi has been a man under siege after claims emerged that his academic papers were fake and lacked merit.

With claims that Sudi who was once a matatu tout in Eldoret never went to school, fighting the ‘illiteracy’ claims at the same time defending his master DP William Ruto has proved challenging for the vocal MP.

With his fearless challenges and attacks on President Uhuru Kenyatta, Sudi has recently become one of the top trendings figures in politics. Ranging from defending his corrupt kingsmen in the name of ‘Mtu Wetu’ to publicly challenging the President to leave his seat for him, Sudi has tremendously gained popularity thanks to all the wrongs reasons he is associated with

They say you can run but will never Hide. Kenyans on Twitter who have been irritated by Sudi’s uncouth behaviour have all sunk and emerge with elaborate shocking details exposing all his secret deeds under the Hashtag #UnmaskingSudi.

Top on the list is the recent claims that Oscar Sudi together with DP William Ruto leased large tracks of lands in Congo where they planted maize and upon harvesting them they now want to ‘IMPORT’ them to Kenya at the expense of the local farmer.

Oscar Sudi’s academic credentials also featured on the list with claims that he did KCPE and KCSE at the same time leaving many questions on how such a coincidence would have happened.

His Multi-Million house in Eldoret did not go unnoticed as some users questioned how an MP earning less than 1 million in salary build a 180million home in a short period.

Others questioned how a mear tout boy rose from his humble background to being one of the richest people in Eldoret. His poor command of the English language was also used against him.


Despite this, there were some who stood by the vocal MP saying that he was justified and was only speaking for the voiceless in the country.




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