She didn’t have Ksh1950! Kenyans Condemn Kenyatta Hospital for leaving a broke cancer patient to die

Photo: Kenyatta National Hospital/courtesy

Kenyatta National Hospital is just so inhumane. Just imagine the top government Hospital refused to offer treatment to a cervical cancer patient,Esther Wambui, just because of ksh. 1950 only.

The emotional ordeal was narrated by her sisters who touched the hearts of many Kenyans. How can they do that? Imagine just leaving someone to die because of Ksh. 1950? Imagine.

Her sisters were willing even to do laundry for the doctors for their patient to receive treatment but all was in vain.

According to Daily Nation, Esther Wambui succumbed to her illness.But did Daily Nation do anything to save the lady?

This has injured the already ruined image of Kenyatta National Hospital. Kenyans have expressed how much they are  upset with KNH for showing no value and mercy to humanity.

The Ministry of Health has also been shamed for just turning a deaf ear on the plight of that cancer patient. It was first broadcasted in April and even made rounds in social media platforms.

But most other Kenyans have capitalized on the plight of that patient to demand for affordable Health care in order to fight Cancer which has become an enemy of the people taking away many innocent lives.



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