Moha Jichopevu Attacks Joho and the Reactions are Out of this world


‘Tumbopevu’ is the new name for Nyali MP Mohammed Ali who was among the finest Investigative Journalist in  the country with  his Jicho Pevu investigative coverage.

The lawmaker has been branded the new title after trying to attack Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho, accusing him of doing nothing to benefit residents.

“ooh God listen to us, he is a good a dancer in the podium, ooh God listen to us he is a showbizz Governor, mpiga mandevu viatu tight ana dance, ooh God please listen to us he is killing us Kongowea tunakufa na uchafu, ooh God listen to us their are no bursaries for our children…oooh God touch our people come 2022 hawatachagua watu wenye akili ndogo..”

Mohammed Ali added:

“We reject politics of conmanship and mediocrity in all its forms. When no one is willing to speak out against sheer incompetence, I will do.7yrs into devolution n billions of money pumped to Msa County, there is no concrete development to be seen.We must ask the hard questions,” Mohammed Ali claimed.

But Kenyans on social media are not ready to say ‘Amen’ to Moha’s Prayer.

Moha who was once seen as the savior of  the people in parliament, has been accused of speaking poverty of imagination with clear intentions of glorifying his master Dr William Ruto.

Mohammed Ali sold his soul to the devil the moment he joined tangatanga. This is according to most Netizens who have bashed him. He used to be a credible person who could cough and people respond-‘akikohoa wanaitika.’ But seemingly that is no more, his influence has been watered down to zero.



Moha simply got it wrong to attack Governor Joho who is a darling to many who will never betray their trust on him because of cheap politcs.


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