Just like finger prints, everyone’s lip print is unique and other interesting facts about lips


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Liquid Linen Lipstick. Photo: Courtesy

On this National Lipstick Day, people  on the internet have been up in arms posting their favorite lipstick looks.

Now the lip could possibly bee one of the most ignored parts of the body. For instance, how do we even clean lips?

While showering? With soap and water? Won’t that leave you with the unpleasant taste of soap in your mouth?

Do you brush the lips while brushing teeth?

Anyway, there are a couple of things we might not have ever found out about this particular body part, according to Fyn Professional.

  1. Lips are more sensitive than your finger tips.
  2. Lips have more sweat glands
  3. Men tend to suffer from lip cancer more than women
  4. Just like finger prints, everyone’s lips have a unique print

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