“Which Degree is This?” Kenyans Make Fun Of MP William Chepkut’s Graduation

Ainabkoi MP William Chep[kut of Friday lit the Internet receiving hilarious comments after posting about his graduation ceremony in Kenyatta University.

The vocal MP had taken to his Twitter account to post his hard-earned achievements which he was about to reap from Kenyatta University on Friday.

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As we walk in silence with , I am delighted I’ll be graduating tomorrow at the with Msc in Conflict Resolution. He posted

And instead of receiving tremendous recommendations for his hard-earned work, Kenyans took the opportunity to troll Chepkut who is well known to many for stammering and struggling with his English whenever he switches the codes.


Chepkut, who in 2017 general elections defeated the then Ainabkoi MP Samuel Chepkong’s had declared himself as ‘The Only Human Soul Alive‘ when he was given the opportunity to address parliament for the first time in 2018.

The statement instantly earned him the name which many sarcastically used to congratulate him following his graduation from Kenyatta University on Friday 26.

Here are some hilarious comments from both Facebook and Twitter;

Some mocked the MP terming his degree as BA in Paper Punching and Shredding. Some asked Chepku to use his Conflict resolution degree to unite Ruto and Uhuru with others asking him to end the conflict witnessed between the Pokots and Tugens in the Kerio Valley.

Bob Kibichii Tanui Somebody told me ni Msc I’m Shredding and paper punching

Collins Tuikong So Chepkut can resolve a conflict. Noma sana..eniwei congrats mhesh!

Bemboi Bernice congrats The Only human soul Alive!

Conflict resolution? Then immediately after graduation go to BARINGO and EMC and start applying that knowledge. charity begins at home.There is no conflict in bunge.The relevance of you Msc. can best be felt in your home tuf





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