Did he give up? Kenyans puzzled by Okoth’s extraordinary courage to decline life support

The late Kibra MP Ken Okoth Photo: Courtesy

Kibra MP Ken Okoth has been bravely battling colorectal cancer for several months, and succumbed on Friday at the Nairobi Hospital. He refused to be on life support during his last hours at Nairobi Hospital. Has been eulogised as a visionary leader.

Photo: Courtesy

Though he received immense love from Kenyans, his brave appearance in public despite being visibly weighed down by the scourge elicited a groundswell of messages of goodwill from most well-wishers. He exuded confidence and hailed Kenyans for praying for him during his time in France, vowing that he would overcome the disease.

Below were some reactions from netizens after learning that he requested his life support to be removed:

Kenyans were convinced that he must have endured a lot of pain, more reason why he chose to end his suffering.

Was it possible for Ken to request for life support to be removed? Kenyans were puzzled.

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