This is what your Kenyan boyfriend thinks about your hairstyle

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There’s nothing in this world that women love more than hair, okay maybe not all but even for those who might not want it long will have it well kept. For every African woman, hair care is the top priority in their monthly care list and expenditure. Because every woman wants appealing hair, and among the first appealing things in a woman hair falls top of the list.

Hairstyles on women vary over time because women want what they feel best at a particular time. However, in as much as a woman has a right to wear any hairstyle that she deems right and suitable, the society and men exclusively seem to have a different opinion.

Probably the African culture is to blame since most women are basically judged by their outward look. Below are impressions men get with your hairstyles:

Natural Hair

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A woman’s hair whether natural or artificial matters a lot. Natural hair brings about an aspect of sincerity and coolness. A lady with natural hair is regarded as more reserved and simple than those with artificial hairstyles. Men tend to believe such ladies are self-assured and confident in their identity because what they portray is authentic and real. Truth to the word, men think such ladies are easy to maintain.

Bald hair

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Remember when Wambui Collymore stood from the crowd during Bob Collymore’s requiem service? That’s what bald heads do. A lady in this style stands outs and connotes something unique. She is seen as exceptional, bold and adventurous too. Though some men might view gong bald as ugly or deprived, African men love women who have gone bald because it shows courage, confidence and a person with a bright personality. Ladies should, however, seek counsel from their male counterparts who will give them an honest opinion on how they would pull off if they went bald.


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When a woman has braids on, African men tend to believe that such women take less time to dress up for appointments or dates unlike women with other hairstyles. These men are seen to be happy and less complicated, which they think will be easier taking care of such women. These women are also seen as true lovers of their African culture and heritage.


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Most women with dreadlocks are seen as fun-loving, emotional and women who have a great sense of humour.  Some men see them as less feminine, even though they were once leaked with being reggae fanatics, men have learnt to draw a line between the two identities. Nowadays doctors, lecturers, chefs wear dreadlocks and look stunning in them.

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