Please Visit Us Again-Turkana People Cry out to Akothee

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PHOTO COURTESY Akothee In Turkana

It has been 3 months since Akothee Visisted Turkana people and now they are begging her to go back and give them food and support. Feels sad!

Dear Akothee, we are kindly asking for your support as we have run out of food for the aged, among the elderly are people living with HIV who can’t do without food, kindly find it in your heart to visit us again as you work on the longterm solution for our people . Thank you cornerstone ministry church.

This comes following a humble request from a church in Turkana- Cornerstone Ministry Church Napetet which wrote to her asking for help. Look at this

Through her social media platform, Akothee has announced that she will be spending the entire weekend from Friday, in response to the humble request she received

She is appealing to fans and well-wishers to support her with basic items such as food, clothing, beddings and anything else, that can be used by people.

She is also appealing to anyone who could volunteer to help her in distributing food and clothing in Turkana.

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They must be wondering why I have taken too long to come back πŸ€”πŸ€” , I feel like its Been a year , but you know this Friday , I will be with you , you will enjoy me the whole weekend Turkana I will be with my Turkana people, my family my everything, kindly join me if you can , and if you can’t make it physically , just give me what you have , from food to
1.cloths 2.beddingsΒ  3. containers for fetching waterΒ  4.supporting Medical campΒ  5.volunteers
Contact us onΒ @akotheefoundationΒ  When I was lonely did you visit me ?πŸ€” Be blessed

Through a previous post, Akothee revealed that she is working on Borehole project as a long term solution to water shortage which has been a painful thorn to Turkana people.

Three months ago, Akothee earned praises from Kenyans on social media for her generosity and incomparable efforts to end the suffering of Turkana people who are affected by drought and famine.

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