Having Tummy troubles? These Natural remedies work like magic

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We all have had a moment where we complained of a stomach upset. Not to mention, it can embarrass you at the worst moment by making noises in front of people. Some symptoms that we experience include morning sickness, motion sickness or bacterial infection. When the pain overwhelms us, it’s when we decide to seek doctor’s advice especially in instances of bacterial infection. However, a few symptoms can be treated with home remedies.

Image result for black couple with stomach upset

It’s an African thing, we tend to just treat ourselves with some remedies and they actually work. Most of us fear to go to the hospital, who needs injections for a stomach upset anyway? Some common symptoms like nausea, bloating, heartburn and gas which cause discomfort and sometimes, physical pain are easily treatable from home.

If you ever have a stomach upset try these natural remedies;

1.   Pawpaw

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Proteins are some of the hardest foods to digest which results in bloating, constipation and gas. Pawpaw contains papain enzyme which breaks down proteins so that they are easily digestible. Additionally, pawpaw seeds get rid of intestinal parasites which contribute to a stomach upset. The next time you go for grocery shopping, don’t forget to buy some pawpaws.

2.     Yoghurt

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The last thing you want when you have an upset stomach is dairy products. However, yoghurt contains good bacteria that ease digestive problems. Make sure that you go for the low-fat yoghurt with no sugar as fat and sugar could worsen your dietary issues. You can sweeten it with berries which also add roughage that helps with digestion.

3.   Mint

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For those who suffer from motion sickness, mint is a holy grail. It removes that bad taste in your mouth as well as giving you fresh breath which can be compromised by an upset stomach. Additionally, mint helps relieve pain and muscle spasms in the intestines. It is, therefore, highly recommended to drink some mint tea in case you have an upset stomach. For travellers who get motion sickness, always carry a pack of mint gum or sweets in your bag.

4.      Tumeric

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Apart from giving colour and flavour to food, turmeric has a number of medicinal values that have been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). Among them is healing acid reflux and gas. It contains an ingredient called curcumin which reduces acidic levels in the gut thus preventing heart burns and formation of excess gas.

5.      Water

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Sometimes, it’s as simple as drinking the recommended amount of water. Our digestive system needs fluid to ease the process of breaking down food. When there aren’t enough fluids in our diet, our digestive system struggles which lead to an upset stomach. Additionally, water helps reduce gas buildup in the stomach thus preventing bloating. Avoid drinking caffeine when you have an upset stomach instead increase your water intake.

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