Government Spokesperson Oguna linked to City club distracting neighbors

Government Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna.PHOTO/COURTESY

Lang’ata residents are a distracted lot. Parents have raised complains about a famous club which is always playing deafening music that cannot allow their families to sleep comfortably.

The club is allegedly linked to Government Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna. According to blogger Robert Alai, Oguna is a frequent visitor to the club.

A resident of the area sent a letter to Robert Alai asking for his intervention to stop the club from causing noise pollution. The club which as opened recently is called“Four Horseman Bar and Grill. It is located opposite Uhuru Gardens.

Residents have claimed that they have not had sleep for the last two months due to deafening noise from the club. They no longer enjoy being in their houses during the weekends. They have tried to complain but county askaris have not taken any action.

Blogger Alai has since elevated the matter asking Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko to intervene on the plight of Lang’ata residents who can’t sleep due to loud noise from Four Horseman Bar and Grill.

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