‘A Modern Kipande System Slavery!” Kenyans Read Huduma Namba Malice

Kenyans are now reading malice in the intentions of the famous Huduma Namba Project. Some people have accused the government of trying to re-introduce the colonial Kipande system, which was used to tax poor Africans.

According to a new Bill sponsored by Interior CS Fred Matiangi one won’t be in a position to receive any services offered by the state without the number and all will work for the benefit of the government and not the common Mwananchi.

Huduma Namba is going to make us the slaves of the state. For those who did history, it is similar to the colonial Kipande System where everywhere you go, you are a marked person. It is not going to benefit the common man in any way. It is meant to squeeze every penny out of us!” one Juma G. noted.

A section of Kenyans are faulting the government for trying to make the Huduma Namba a mark of one’s Citizenship while giving the PS too much power to revoke one’s registration and hence their Citizenship.

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