Sonko’s new plan to recover 189M from Ruto’s office

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Photo: The Deputy President William Ruto/courtesy

Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko is now introducing a new mechanism that will compel the Office of the Deputy President William Ruto to clear its debt with the County.

According to debts report, Ruto’s office is currently the largest defaulter with a debt of Sh189.08 million for 113 reserved parking spaces on Harambee Avenue.

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Photo: Harambee Annex,Office of the Deputy President/courtesy

But Sonko is now planning to hire the services from a private debt collector.

The agent who Sonko’s administration is banking  will pursue individuals and companies who fail to pay parking fees, unified business permits, house rent, markets’ fees, billboards advertising as well as land rates.

The private debt collector is expected to address inability to recover monies from defaulters.

The private debt collector will work in such a way that entities will be required to pay dues in advance at a discounted rate.

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Photo: Clamped Car in Nairobi/courtesy

Apart from Ruto’s office, The National Assembly also owes Nairobi county quite a fortune. Sh14.06 million for 10 slots along Parliament Lane, has remained unpaid since 2014.

The taxman in the city collected Sh8.8 billion in the 10 months to June, a 10-per cent fall from Sh9.8 billion generated in a similar period to June 2017, being payments for vehicle parking, building permits, inspection of buildings, land rates and Wakulima Market.

But now Sonko is determined to make sure that no coin is lost through defaulters.

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