Lulu Hassan’s life before fame revealed

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Celebrated TV girl Lulu Hassan has warmed her way into the hearts of Kenyans through her skillful Citizen TV anchoring job alongside husband Rashid Abdalla.

Many only know of Lulu’s rise to the top careerwise and her relationship with her husband that started over 11 years ago and 2 boys later, the family is happy. Despite being on the spotlight, she has managed to keep her personal life pretty private.

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As is Thursday’s tradition, she has revealed a part of her past never before revealed in a throwback photo. It turns out that before the radio and TV gigs, the beauty was a thespian in her youth.

Taking to Instagram to reveal the news, here is her post referring to acting as her passion and bae.


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My Passion 😥😥😥….#Tbthursday #Theatreisbae #Runsinmyveins #Respecttoallthespians

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This has truly caught netizens off guard.


Waaa sema kutoka mbali da


Kweli ulkotoka ni mbli Mtoto wa Hassan


Much respect sis❤❤❤ you are indeed a mentor to many of us,


Weeeee watu hutoka mbali kweli😁

She is not the only celebrity who has shared a piece from her past on this fine Thursday. Among those who have shared and shocked fans today include funny man Mulamwa and musicians Gabu of P-Unit and Moji Shotbaba.

Check them out before the fame below:


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#Tbt comment fupifupi hapa na nione mtu akicheka.Mwenyezi mungu amenitoa mbali sana #Bugubugu

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Mulamwah has really gotten roasted for his simple days back in Moi University as a student. Check out fans hilarious reactions:

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