Had a messy break-up? It’s best if you did these 4 things

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Every relationship isn’t perfect, you make mistakes, say things out of anger and sometimes even consistently breaking up and getting back with each other, but you learn from your mistakes. People say that if a love is real, no matter the circumstances it will always find it’s way. However some days, we just have to accept as it is and know that things have ended and time has come to get up on your feet.

Those who feel that they are without their love usually go through different phases, among them negation, anger, sadness and finally, if it is a healing process and well resolved, acceptance of the situation. It is important to be able to walk through each step of the process and not escape the pain in order to finally heal the wounds of the heart.

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Although it seems contradictory, pain can be a great teacher to face a new and nutritious relationship. Below are a few pointers that will help you overcome sadness and pain especially after a break-up :

Do not fail talk to your family and friends

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First of all, they are YOUR friends and YOUR family, so as a general rule they will be positioned by your side. The only thing you are going to do with this is to feel empty and alone. Everything you must talk about, it’s best if you did it with your family.

Don’t Revenge

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Nothing is eternal, not even this messy breakup that you can’t get over. Vengeance is not going to make you happier. To behave like an enraged girl/boy will not do you good. Calm down, love yourself and give yourself time. Everything will be passed and life will be put in place to put everyone in their place.

Cleanse your mind off Negativity

Do not label separation as a “failure”. The only failure in life is not trying what you want. Whether you have been the victim of deception or something that feels like betrayal, nothing can hold onto negative thoughts such as the idea of revenge or resentment.

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To “cleanse” the mind of these toxic thoughts, it is essential to keep in mind that nobody belongs to us, that people have different times and follow different paths at an evolutionary level, with successes and mistakes.

Avoid Bitching

If a breakup happens under unsettled conditions, most people end up talking bad about their ex-partners to their friends or anyone who knew about their relationship. All you need to know is that talking bad about others only makes you look bad. Therefore, you should never go bitching about him/her.

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You need to be the bigger person and say some nice things about him/her or if you have nothing good to say, just stay quiet about them. Otherwise, the listeners will assume you are the cause of the break-up and you are now looking for excuses to blame your ex-partner. This will hurt you even more.

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