This man Uhuru! Kenyans shower President Kenyatta with Praises

Photo: President Uhuru Kenyatta during the past function/courtesy

President Uhuru Kenyatta has been showered with lots of praises on the better part of Monday under the common tag #ThisManUhuru.

President Kenyatta has almost been turned into a demigod considering his track record which speaks for itself among the citizens of Kenya.

Uhuru’s smart Big Four Agenda has won the hearts of many Kenyans. No other leader has made his agenda as visual as the president. Even Kenyans who live in rural areas can spell what the Big Four Agenda entails. Food Security, affordable housing, manufacturing and affordable healthcare for all. This clear division of Uhuru’s top core areas of focus has made him score an ‘A.’


Universal Health Care was a dream until Uhuru decided to make it a reality. Imagine ‘mama Mboga’ getting a medical cover which enables him to get free and covered medical assistance? This all but the efforts of Uhuru.

If you are about to say Uhuru does not deserve this crown then ask yourself, how difficult was it for one to get government services before the introduction of Huduma Centers?

The son of the First President of Kenya has made it easy for any mwananchi to access government services by making sure Huduma Centres are established in almost every county of Kenya. That is just ‘bravo.’

The struggles of paying ‘Kitu Kidogo’ are now becoming less and more lesser.


Electricity was a thing for the Rich People until President Uhuru Kenyatta took over the helm of leadership in this country. President Uhuru has made it possible for almost 80% of households in Kenya are connected on electricity.

His legacy would not have been any better if he could not have revived The Rivertex company in his Deputy’s backyard. He in some way calmed the loud yapping from Team Tanga-tanga.

The Mt.Kenya kingpin made a mark through the construction of the Standard Gauge Railway. Talk of employment to the youths, its impact on the economy is just massive.

But what makes him stand out is the fact that he managed to bury the hatchet and make peace with AU Representative Raila Odinga. The handshake reduced the demos in the streets.

Who else has made the meme industry flourish in Kenya if it is not Uhuru? He has intentionally made some funny faces which have been used by creative minds to create amazing memes.


Remember Githeri Man? Uhuru’s acts of kindness helped to transform this man who was leading a destitute life in Kayole. But his act of kindness bounced.

However not all Kenyans think Uhuru deserve the crown. Some have attacked the handshake stating that its core agenda was to reinforce Raila’s pact which was fading away.

Some have ironically praised Uhuru for recycling the old into positions of power like Moody Awori. Some the promises which were made by UhuRuto that are yet to be fulfilled.

But The President is fighting to beat opposition led by his Deputy William Ruto. Ruto has been a hindrance block to Uhuru that is with no doubt. But the two leaders have failed to face each other.

They have resolved to use the native languages to address their greatest fears.



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