How you can achieve the big O through Penetration

I remember the first time I achieved penetrative orgasm with a partner. Y’all I wept. I had kinda accepted my fate at this point you know, out there doing the most with no nut. It was a sad existence.

After that first time, I thought oh whew, finally, the seal has been broken. Home girl assumed I would be getting orgasms every time. That wasn’t the case. I wept again.  Because now I’m thinking “This is a flux, right? “.

How To Have Delicious Penetrative Orgasm: A Guide

It was never going to happen again until it did! Here are my favourite techniques to achieve a penetrative orgasm.


This is not a drill.

Foreplay is always necessary, always in, always steamy. If you have a problem achieving more penetrative orgasms, talk to your boo thang about it, and try and draw out the foreplay. We want you wet. Soaking through your panties wet. Yes, honey, your panties are still on at this point!

How To Have Delicious Penetrative Orgasm: A Guide
2. Don’t forget the clit

Most women who have a problem achieving P.Os are able to achieve clitoral orgasms, which means your clit really is your pleasure spot. Don’t ignore it, don’t let HIM ignore it. If you want a bit of head then girl feed that boy! Make sure he concentrates on your little clitty, not your labia!

How To Have Delicious Penetrative Orgasm: A Guide
3. The missionary has got it covered

For real! Missionary position is the best and easiest way to achieve a penetrative orgasm. At this point you are beyond ready, you want to crawl out of your skin and your vagina has a heartbeat of its own. Take it slow, no need to have your insides battered for no reason! Grind up your hips so that your clit gets stimulated as well and darling, you will be calling your ancestors mid-stroke! You are welcome!

Now, I know you will not come into our comments talking about “Oooo, why did you not tell me these things?”. Mwenye macho hambiwi tazama. Take this knowledge sis and use it!!

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