FIFA spells strict measures against racists

World football governing body, FIFA have has come up and agreed on new rules which spell an automatic ten-game ban for any player implicated in a racism case.

The new world’s football body Disciplinary Code, which will come into force on Monday, outlines a series of measures that must be followed for cases under Fifa jurisdiction.

 Fifa have agreed new rules which mean an automatic ten-game ban for racism

The body has set the new standard penalties for players guilty of racism or any other comments or gestures that “offend the dignity or integrity” of fellow players or match officials including homophobia.

But the new minimum fine of just £16,000 for racism by fans will bring further scorn on Fifa chiefs and make a mockery of President Gianni Infantino’s claims of taking firm action and a “zero tolerance” approach.

Matters to do with measures on fighting match-fixing mean any cases will now be dealt with solely by Fifa’s main Disciplinary Committee, which will also sit on disputes involving clubs, players, coaches and national associations.

This means Fifa-imposed transfer bans on any club that does not meet its financial obligations on transfer deals and the world body will also prevent directors from going into administration to cancel debts.

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