Whoever said Kenyan men are romantic was clearly confused


The problem is that we watch foreign movies and give Kenyan men different expectations. You’re still in Africa and furthermore, you’re in Kenya. When you wake up and smell the coffee you realize that there are romantic things that Kenyan men will never do for you. I mean sure, there are a handful of men who will go the extra mile but those are probably the ones who have lived abroad. Sounds harsh? Check if this list sounds familiar.

1. Flowers are for their mothers

Honestly, Kenyan men usually don’t buy flowers. The last time he probably bought flowers was for his mother and this is probably because most of them don’t understand why they should spend money on a plant. Some Kenyan men will probably buy you flowers when you give birth and you’re in hospital.

Kenyan men
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2. PDA is a big no for them

Public displace of affection is not in their nature. When you’re busy trying to hold his hand he reminds you that you’re in public. The only time a Kenyan man will hold you in public is when he is drunk and wants to grind.

Kenyan men
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3. You will never shower together like in the movies

Nope, this is not something he is fond of. When you want to shower with him especially when you have been together for a while he will insist that you’re invading his privacy.

Kenyan men
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4. Cuddling after sex

Before sex is okay but after sex he is tired and just wants to sleep. You wish to talk to him about your dreams and hopes for the two of you but before you know it he is deep in his sleep and probably snoring.

kenyan men
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5. He will not be calling you sweet nothings

Pumpkin, honey bunch and such things are not names he will call you. He will either call you your name or babe if he is romantic and if you get his children he will just call you mama watoto.

Kenyan men
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6. He will  not surprise you with his own effort

Waiting for him to cook a lasagna, light some candles and put some romantic music? Nope, this is not going to happen, the most he will do is take you for dinner which is okay but please do not expect him to invest his own energy to do something for you.

Kenyan men
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If you have a very romantic Kenyan man by your side please write in the comment section otherwise do not argue with us.

We know these men, we have loved them, we date them and we can confidently say that after dating a Kenyan man for a long time things really change in a very uncomfortable manner.

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