What are thoose? Shoes we wore as kids that were the epitome of our childhood

As a child, your shoes were a big deal and your parents always worked extra hard to get you the best they could afford. These are the items that make childhood memorable.

1. White shoes and lace socks.

Matching the socks with lace details with the Cinderella dresses was something most girls had to do. It was really cute back then.


2. Toughies and Bata Socks.

Back to school without the latest Toughie shoe was unbearable. In every school, there was that girl who always had the best of everything. Keeping up with her was close to impossible but a new Bata shoe was a good start.

Source: Bata
3. Squeaky shoes.

When the shoes came to the market, it was hard not to want them. All the kids had them. Squeaky shoes somehow impressed our peers at the time. Standing out regardless of the age is something all humans crave for.

squeaky shoes kids
Source: China Prices
4. LED lit shoes.

These were the epitome of coolness back then. If your shoes lit up, then you were the Kanye West of the neighborhood. The shoes were every child’s favorite dream shoe. They were the best Christmas present any child could have received.

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Source: Ali Express


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