Heres’ why you need to stop applying that petroleum jelly on your skin

There are some trusted petroleum jelly brands which have refined their products to make them suitable for your skin but others have not quite mastered the art. Using petroleum jelly, can be doing more harm than good, especially when it comes to your face. We all have different skin types and some of us live by petroleum jellies like it is our daily bread and do not have any negative side effects from it, but those who have need to know this about its use because it may be the root cause of some of your skin problems.

Here Are Some Of The Reasons Why Petroleum Jelly Is Bad:
1. It can cause yeast infections.

Though it’s amazing in keeping your skin moisturized by preventing water loss, this same effect can create a conducive warm and moist environment for yeast to thrive.

2. Prevents elimination of toxins.

One way through which your body gets rid of toxins is through your skin. Petroleum jelly may disrupt this process because it creates a barrier over your skin, preventing toxins from getting to the surface.

3. It clogs your pores!

Though it may not be certain with everyone, your skin may be unable to breathe due to the layer created by the jelly, which can lead to dirt and oil being trapped. This is the major cause of acne and we don’t want to get acne right?

4. It’s difficult to wash off.

Petroleum jelly is not water-soluble therefore will require more effort to completely wash off. If it builds up, it can cause skin irritation and due to this it also seals in the dirt. Gross.

We suggest using more natural products like Shea butter and coconut oil in place of petroleum jelly products.

Trust me, your skin will thank you later.

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