Faking cancer: Could designer Shiyenze’s allegation a result of deal gone south?

Shiyenze Khasoha Photo: Instagram

How many times have you seen an online campaign about someone seeking medical help from the public? Did you offer any help? Would you betray your friend if you learnt about a grave mistake that they did? Ongoing reports allege that fashion designer Shiyenze Khasoha feigned her cancer illness!

Shiyenze undergoing treatment

The designer has been under the spotlight after two persons claiming to be her caregivers came forward stating that she does not suffer ovarian cancer as she claims. This is after campaigns on social media saw her raise over 2 million shillings for her cancer treatment.

Kenyans have had mixed reactions regarding the expose, and some remained convinced she was indeed unwell and others thought otherwise.

The fashion designer in 2018, started a campaign targeting Ksh2 million dubbed “Vaa Shiyenze and Keep Her Alive”. According to Shiyenze, the money raised in the campaign would go toward footing her cancer treatment costs.

The campaign was designed and fueled by PR guru, Philip Oketch, who has since come out to claim that the fashion designer deceived him into believing she was ailing. Oketch claims he met Shiyenze in February 2019 through his wife, who is a fashion lover.

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Hours after the public uproar, Shiyenze has released a press statement claiming to have been diagnosed with cancer and upon asking help from the public, she gathered Ksh.600,00 and not Ksh.2 Million as it’s being stated.

According to her friend Kakya, Shinyenze has been facking it;

“Every time we cornered her, she would say that she had rushed to Kijabe Hospital to seek a second opinion ,”


Here is a video of her narrating her life as a cancer victim.

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