Ringtone Apoko Escapes Death By A Whisker- Road Accident


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Controversial Kenyan Gospel musician Ringtone Apoko reportedly escaped death by a whisker after the vehicle he was driving in Veered off the road hitting a barrier.

This follows Ringtone’s social media post where he says the situation could have been worse but he is grateful that he is alive.

Ringtone’s Damaged Car INSTAGRAM

Taking to social media, the singer who has been hitting headlines for his exaggerated wife search mission shared a picture of his damaged V8, expressing gratitude his life.

Here is ringtone’s Post

However, Ringtone has not revealed the exact location and time of the accident. However, from the accident surrounding, it can be deduced that the accident occurred at night near a flyover.

Despite the fact that Ringtone has not explained the cause of the accident, some of his fans are speculating that he must have been overspeeding. Some have come out accusing him of driving while drunk.


Apokoreeeee don’t drink and drive


Next time don’t drink and drive bro


Vitu mbili hapa… pombe ama usingizi


Fanya gari service V8 Unakuaga umeambiwa vizuri usindeshe speed ya over 100 kama hujaifanyia service poa.


Drunk and driving!!!


Lakini ile mbio unaendesha gari @ringtoneapoko itakuua

There are those who sympathized with Ringtone sending him good thoughts.


Sorry buddy,,praise and honour to the most high

Am glad you’re alive

Pole sana mungu ako na wewe kila saa nothing will never happen 🙏glory to God
Finally, there is a group of Ringtone’s fans that dragged the issue of wife searching in the accident.
Si ungekufa labda Bibi yako ako mbinguni…..lakini Niko sure mtafanyia harusi jehanamu


Yani dunia mzima eti uwezi pata wife…Mungu halali. Labda amekuekea huyo unayetafta uko binguni


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