Angry Kenyans Tears Kutuny Apart over ‘Award’ He received in China

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A group of Jubilee party delegation sent to China for a benchmarking trip. Photo/FACEBOOK

A section of Hungry Kenyans on Facebook have mocked Cherangany MP Joshua Kutuny over an award (Award of participation) he received from China Communist Party.

Kutuny who was among the Jubilee Party delegates sent to China for a seven-day benchmarking trip on how to promote party democracy and delegate critical duties had posted pictures of himself on Facebook receiving an award of participation in China.

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A section of Jubilee Party leaders after attending a benchmarking function in China for seven days. Photo/COURTESY

“Receiving an award of participation from the communist party of China after completing a Jubilee party benchmarking trip in China. It is all about transformation progress of the country, not individual progress. I thank H.E the president and the Rt PM Raila Odinga for ensuring our trip was successful” posted Kutuny

Kutuny together with a number of Jubilee delegation had gone to China a week ago in a trip aimed at enhancing capacity building and exchange programmes between Jubilee Party and Communist Party of China. Among those who accompanied Kutuny included Uasin Gishu Senator Margaret Kamar.

Kutuny’s post was however met with angry reactions from Facebook users who accused the lawmaker of pretending to be advocating for party democracy when he was busy killing Jubilee party through the creation of Kieleweke movement. He was accused of always advocating for Jubilee party break up.

Here are some of the angry reactions from Facebook:

Joe Muchai You have been in the front line to make sure Jubilee has collapsed yet you pretend to be benchmarking for the same party?

Robert K. Mutai Rayila apologist! You just wanted to mention his name. How does he and Jubilee jell in the same sentence????

David Ndegwa Do we still have a party called Jubilee? I thought it mutated to Kisichoeleweka na Tangatanga 🤣🤣

Edwin Kimutai Tanui Kudos mwesh,, iyo project umeendea china inaitwa “capacity building and exchange programmes btn jubilee party and communist party of China”.. Will create thousands of jobs for youths in Chrang’any…
Naijua vizuri saana 😂😂😂😂😂

Some accused the MP of always being a mole in Jubilee party others saying that he had been campaigning indirectly for Raila’s 2022 Presidency at the expense of Jubilee party’s candidate William Ruto.

Nehemia Melly Sambu Hon Caleb Kositany 🤣🤣🤣🤣Kutuny anajaribu kijipendekeza tell him we know our betrayers

Javan Wa Nandi Hills The orator is a confused element. He’s talking of jubilee issues that doesn’t concern him locally but he’s claiming part overseas! 🤒🤒🤒🤒

Kipngeno En Kalyet People are posting development projects in there constituency.. here u are posting Papers after wasting our money in the name of benchmarking?hatuulaumu

Others felt that the trip was one way of encouraging China’s colonization over Kenya something many Kenyans have been so sensitive about especially after the country acquired huge amounts of loans from China with no clear indication of managing to pay back the loan.

Jacob Motanya Perfect illustration of mental capture that is pulling us to economic enslavement and recolonization. Must the Chinese validate your self worth? Where is your identity as an African and a Kenyan?

Timothy Ole-Chesiny Kipruto This is how our leaders are taking us for a ride. We have pertinent issues than this my friend… And here you guys demand house allowance and Night allowance.. What next allowance will you demand from Wanjiku? Helicopter allowance? Birthday allowance?
Greed will finish this Parliament!

Kibira Kibira 16 africans had to waste resources to go and talk to one chinnese smh 
Na unapost
Huskii ata aibu





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