5 Kenyan Celebrities you didn’t know are HIV Positive

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Living with HIV/AIDS is not the end of a life, but it just means that your immune system is likely to be weak as compared to those who have HIV/AIDS negative status. Cancer has been the most mind-blowing killer disease, so patients who are HIV positive, are likely to get convinced that they can live long enough, as soon as they are on medication.

Very few people will come up to the public to reveal their status. Being tested positive for the virus as a celebrity is nearly impossible to let the world know but some have shown courage and announced their status to the public.

Most patients have come out open to the public and let them know of their status and what to do, to avoid getting infected. The list below makes Kenyan celebs who have gone public and confessed that they are actually living with HIV/AIDS status.

1. George Kihara (Frigacy)

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He confessed that he was HIV positive and also gay. Frigacy is one of the first upcoming and growing artistes in Kenya

2.Richard Amuok

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Amuok is a famous rapper better known by his group Ukoo Fulani. In 2010, after battling with a few symptoms, Amouk went to test for HIV and shocking enough, he was positive. He came out brave and tod the public, he even confessed about the woman who infected him.

3. Joji Baro

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Joji Biro is a homosexual gospel artist, who declared his relationship status and also confessed to have been HIV positive. Being a homesexual entails being attracted to people of their own sex, so for Joji, he is alleged to be seeing men. He later opened up saying hehad gone through depression after his choice of relationship.


4.Kennedy Okwako

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The Kenyan musician and MC based in Würzburg Germany  was imprisoned on grounds of having sex with 8 women among them a 13 year old girl.

The court found Kennedy guilty of knowingly having unprotected sex with these women while he knew he was HIV positive. He later testified that he was infected by his German lover even though he was not on a vengeance mission

5. Journalist Evelyn Simaloi

She was infected in 1999 by her friend’s ex-boyfriend. Surprising the man never confessed to her he was positive.

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Simaloi also noted that the female friend knew her condition together with that of her friend but never got to reveal the same.

She told me that I would regret it, but I dismissed it as just jealousy. In retrospect, however, I suspect she must have known about his status since their baby died two weeks after birth,” Said Simaloi.

She learnt of the disease when she applied for a job and needed blood tests. That’s when she learnt when the blood tests returned positive.

“He admitted to having infected me because he was in love with me. He claimed that he was afraid I would leave him. I left him and went to live with his cousin who introduced me to hoodrats. Everyone kept hitting on me and I became angry and bitter with men.

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