Media Should Also Face Charges Ruto’s ‘Murder Plot’, Murkomen Insinuates

Elgeiyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen.PHOTO/COURTESY

Elgeiyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen has come to all guns to defend the arrested former Statehouse employee Denis Itumbi over a fake letter which linked 4 cabinet secretaries to allegations of plotting to assassinate the Deputy President William Ruto.

Murkomen claims that Itumbi’s only mistake was forwarding the alleged fake letter to a WhatsApp group dubbed ‘Tanga Tanga’  and not drafting it as the charges have it.

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EX-State House Employee Denis Itumbi.PHOTO/COURTESY

Posting on his twitter account, Ruto’s close ally questioned the basis under which Itumbi was arrested and whether the media houses that published the fake letter will be charged like Itumbi.

“So was arrested for forwarding an alleged fake letter to a WhatsApp group dubbed “TangaTanga” ? How many people in this country forwarded that document? Will all the media houses that published the document be charged? This is ridiculously moronic”, his post read .

It is not the first time that Murkomen is defending Itumbi against his arrest. On Wednesday, he accused the DCI of trying to divert the public’s attention from the alleged meeting held at La Mada hotel by some of the cabinet secretaries through the arrest of Itumbi.

Murkomen questioned if there was a meeting that took place at La Mada, if the Permanent Secretary in charge of  DCI indeed said Ruto must be stopped the same way Saitoti was, saying the authenticity of the allegations was more important than the letter itself.

Itumbi was arrested while having lunch at a Nairobi Hotel on Wednesday. The DCI believes he is involved in the drafting of a letter alleging the assassination of the Deputy President.

The officers said they had traced the source of the letter and were about to summon those they suspect authored it.

“We are pretty confident that we are about to find those behind the letter. All we can tell you is that no cabinet secretary wrote the letter,” one of the officers said.

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