Details of Denis Itumbi’s ‘Fake’ Academic Qualifications

Ex-Secretary digital, innovations and diaspora communications at State House, Denis Itumbi.PHOTO/COURTESY

James Orengo’s famous prophesy about the government punishing its ‘own’ more than the opposition seems to have come to pass following the arrest of former Statehouse employee Denis Itumbi.

A lot has been said about Itumbi; the man who was at one time accused of hacking the ICC servers and exposed details about witness statements. In 2014, the National Intelligence Service (NIS) revealed that Itumbi’s academic certificates were questionable.

According to the NIS report, Itumbi was one of 50 students who were illegally awarded diplomas in broadcast journalism after he led a riot against the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication management forcing the college to award him and his class diplomas in place of certificates in the same academic programme which they had enrolled for.

A copy of Denis Itumbi’s Diploma from the Kenya Institute of Mass of Communication.PHOTO/COURTESY

During the vetting of Itumbi for the State House Job, the NIS security vetting brief described him as a “self-motivated go-getter who uses any means at his disposal including blackmail, bribery and other forms of coercion to get his way”.

Mr. Itumbi, however, denounced the report.

Itumbi was arrested while having lunch at a Nairobi Hotel on Wednesday. The DCI believes he is involved in the drafting of a letter alleging the assassination of the Deputy President.

The officers said they had traced the source of the letter and were about to summon those they suspect authored it.

“We are pretty confident that we are about to find those behind the letter. All we can tell you is that no cabinet secretary wrote the letter,” one of the officers said.


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