Willy Paul warned against thirsting over Eric Omondi’s ex girlfriend

Controversial Singer Willy Paul has today been warned against making advances towards comedian Eric Omondi’s ex-girlfriend; Chantal.

This comes after the ‘ Hallelujah’ hitmaker shared a video of Chantal jamming and dancing to his song.

According to Willy Paul, he was impressed by the fact that Chantal was publicly showing her support for Kenyan music.

“I see you @miss.chanty Thank you for supporting Kenyan content. And all the wangwana said helloooooo…..” Willy Paul wrote on his Instagram post


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I see you @miss.chanty Thank you for supporting Kenyan content. And all the wangwana said helloooooo…..

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As we all know, Willy Paul has been living a seemingly free life ever since his choice of music shifted to secular.

Most of his fans noticed the change in his style of music and his general lifestyle as a celebrity.

Willy Paul hit headlines months ago after a raunchy dance performance with  Tanzanian sensation Nandy went viral and the fact that he grind ladies in some of his concerts.

He was also spotted with socialite Vera Sidika and this raised brows among his followers.

One social media user mentioned that Willy Paul’s behavior lately  suggests that he likes ‘hunting on leftovers’

This can be explained by how he got very close with Nandy during the time when the Tanzanian Singer lost her lover.

This time, he comes into the picture months after Eric Omondi and his girlfriend decided to go separate ways; and some fans seem to be bothered.

Willy Paul might have genuinely expressed his gratitude to Chantal but Kenyans always blow things out of proportion.

Some fans are convinced that he is capable of thirsting over Eric Omondi’s ex-lover and this post triggered mixed reactions.

Willy Paul has been advised to keep off from making any attempt of winning Chantal’s heart while other fans alerted Eric Omondi to keep an eye on Willy Paul’s moves.

The Singer has never really gone public about his relationship life and severally hinted that he is single. Fans are however curious about the motive behind the video.

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Have a look at  the reactions


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steps za kukuna hii pia😂😂😂😂😂


Mkunaji is already making moves 😂😂


Poze umemulikwa na wangwana. Ati unacheza kama Wewe.


Huyu akunwe pia😂


Yooooooooooo bro don’t kuna their bro’s exes ama namna gani mandume🙆😂😂😂😂


Wewe bwana mkunaji usikune huyu 😂😂


@ericomondi pozze anataka sjui aje …. Nashuku kuna kitu hapa 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️


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