Askari ni Binadamu pia! Governor Njoroge’s touching message to police who rescued abandoned baby

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CBK Governor Patrick Njoroge

Some rare occurrences that happen in our life prove that the word is not as rotten as we might assume. Great people till lie among us.  In case you are not in the know, two police officers graced our interwebs on Wednesday morning after a photo surfaced online showcasing his great deed.

Mohamed Noor and Charles Githinji who collected abandoned newborn baby at the bushes on Tuesday evening did an act that melted our hearts.

Police Officers- Charles Githinji and Mohamed Noor

They found an abandoned newborn baby at the bushes, and Noor took upon him to take off his uniform jacket and carried the baby to the hospital. With such rare hearts, the world is a better place to live in don’t you think?

Many took to twitter and other social spaces to congratulate the two officers and one Government official who stood out was CBK governor Patrick Njoroge.

Not even the president nor CS of internal security thought about recognising them. This reflected Patrick Njoroge’s true nature of a kind-hearted and caring person as compared to our local civil servants and top government officials.

Kenyans were very much pleased by what they two officers did and they could not hold back their joy. Beow are a few of their reactions;

In an interview with a local daily, Noor said they were on a routine patrol when they heard the baby crying from a nearby bush. Curious and determined to rescue the newborn, the two officers combed through the thicket while following the direction from which the baby’s cries came from.

The officers took the newborn to Meru Level Five Hospital where the baby was placed in an incubator and currently receiving treatment.

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