I bet you didn’t know these interesting facts about lungula

to do before sex- Zumi

I’m back and I brought with me something different this time though; facts about sex that I bet you never knew about. Trust me, not only will this blow your mind, but it will also give you some leverage over some guys who talk highly about their D’s too. . . Why don’t you read and find out.

1. Average D size is 5.57 Inches long

I had to start with this one. Where are the guys who brag about having 6,7 and 8 inches of D? Please stand up. .literally..apparently a guy’s Dick is approximately 5.57 inches when ERECT. you read right. So when he gets a hard on, at least now you know the size of it hehehe. You’re welcome btw. Slap a nigga with this fact if he’s too over ambitious about his meat. K?

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2. Women talk about sex a WHOLE LOT

We women aren’t as innocent as people think we are. I guess we are just pretty good at masking our deepest and darkest thoughts and feelings to ourselves. Besides, who wouldn’t dare have sexy thoughts on their own from time to time?  And in reality, women think about sex a lot and would like to have more of it. Errr…Is this true beauties?

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3. Sex improves women’s memory

Hehe studies show that a frequent ‘D in the V’ can help improve a woman’s ability to remember words and things she supposedly can’t remember. This sex, increases blood flow to the brain, hence making her remember. . err what were we talking about again?

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4. Oral sex equals longer Dick..

So this one in particular, is bound to raise eyebrows… These studies, I think they need a second opinion from women because at this rate…. We’ll just say this is a load of bull crap. Apparently a study showed that men, after oral sex , their D grew a little bit longer. .LOL if only this was true SMH.

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5. Period sex is Super fun sex

What now? How many of us ladies, have had sex with our mans when our dam is running wild down there? How did it feel? with the extra lubrication, it makes sex more enjoyable and satisfactory. .though a little messy. .hmm a little sauce for the D perhaps?

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6. CUM on socks.

So if you’re having trouble reaching an orgasm. .why not try on some socks for size?  The warmth it gives your feet, the quicker and easier it is for you to cum.

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7. Vag and clit orgasm

Did you know that you’ve got two types of orgasms? Vagina and clitoris. Both enjoyable on their own and all. .when done together though, can you imagine the pleasure of it all?. . I’m shooketh, better tell ya mans that you wanna talk to him for a sec.

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Here’s a vide to give more insight

At this rate, this will end up being an entire article. Are you as surprised as I am though? I didn’t even know this until I read it for myself. UNBELIEVABLE and MIND BLOWING indeed.

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