Eric Omondi’s strategy to interfere with Kenya vs Senegal match

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The D-day for Kenya’s awaited match with Senegal is finally here and Kenya’s ‘Upcoming foreseer’ and President of Comedy Eric Omondi has come out to foretell tonight’s match between Kenya and Senegal.

Taking it to his Instagram, the comedian demonstrated the easiest and surest way Kenya will win against Senegal if Kenya will be in total control, claiming that he will lock himself in the CONTROL ROOM and control the entire match and its outcome.

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He wrote;

Hey guys!!! The easiest and surest way to win the match against Senegal tonight is if we are in total control. So tonight I’ll lock myself in the CONTROL ROOM and Control the entire match and it’s outcome…I’ll be live on my Instagram Controlling the match from beginning to end. So you will be able to watch the match and the CONTROL ROOM tonight at the same time.🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪

This comes a few days after Eric predicted Kenya’s win against Tanzania, accompanied by Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika.

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Eric Omondi had urged his fans to pray for Tanzania and ask God to have mercy on them because Harambee starts wouldn’t and for sure it didn’t, taking it up to a win of 3-2.

Well, it is with no doubt that Eric’s prediction for today’s match will come true, where Senegal will terribly fall. I t has to!!


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