Comedian Njugush jamming with the new kids on the block

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Comedian Njugush says he is currently jamming with the new kids on the block in music.

We all know that talent pays and social media has taken the responsibility of uplifting young talents.

The fast-rising comedian cum media personality  Timothy Kimani is popularly known as Njugush who came to limelight after being featured on Kenya’s number one comic TV show dubbed Real Househelps of Kawangware has made his name thanks to social media.
Njugush who joined a number of artists in producing online contents and sharing with his fans says social media has played an amazing role in providing a platform for young talents.

“Social media is giving people a platform, and from there, the mainstream media is requesting their songs, which they play, probably three-quarters of these people would not make it and their music would not be known and it would not be played,” he said.
The award-winning Youtuber has revealed also revealed that he is currently jamming with the new kids on the block in music. He went ahead to show praises on the upcoming young talented artists.

“Ethic, Ochungulo, Rico gang, Sailors are amazing artists. They are coming up with content that anyone can relate to,” Njugush said.

Njugush encourages the youth to use the platform and make something for themselves.

“It does not matter what kind of music they are doing, but the fact is that we have kids using their talents to make money for themselves,” he said.

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