Kinoti Seeks FBI’s Help in Ruto Assassination Saga

Photo: The Deputy President Willaim Ruto during the past functions/Photo courtesy

The plot to assassinate the son a peasant the Deputy President William Ruto is still eliciting a lot of reactions both to the political environment and the Bureau vested with the mandate of investigating the murder threats.

The DCI detectives have resolved to heighten the investigation by seeking the high Intelligence of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The FBI are now tasked to track down the source of the mystery letter which has been making rounds in social media alleging that three cabinet secretaries were choreographic a plan to eliminate DP Ruto.

Photo: FBI detectives/Photo Courtesy

Director of Criminal Investigation George Kinoti has however stated that he is not in a rush to question DP Ruto or impel him to record a statement before authenticating the controversial letter.

“If he records a statement before that well and good,” Said DCI Kinoti. 

He added,”But the DP is a senior person and cannot be interrogated on the basis of a document whose authenticity has not been verified.”

The Cyber Crime Unit at DCI has decided to seek FBI intervention due to the sensitivity of the matter and the person targeted.

Photo: DCI George Kinoti during a past function/Photo Courtesy

DCI Kinoti himself has confirmed that FBI Unit is keen to get to the bottom of the Dr Ruto assassination plot.

The Detectives are now questioning the state house and the office of the President to establish if the letter was sent.

However the State house has come clean claiming that they have not received the purported letter.

“What we know at the moment is that the letter was first seen on social media . But we want to determine whether it was sent to the addressee as a hard-copy,” claimed Kinoti.

Kinoti argued that once the suspect have been caged , he will invite the named Cabinet Secretaries to record official statements.

Apart from the FBI detectives investigating the origin and author of the letter, they are also trying to figure out the motive of the consent.

“We cannot dismiss the letter as fake until we establish where it came from. At this moment , we are treating the letter as a document of interest,” he said.



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