Fake Hair, Nails! Fans Troll Tanasha Donna Over Authenticity Claims

Think before you say anything is a statement that most people underestimate, but it carries with it a lot of weight. You would wonder if your words were to be analyzed each time you speak.

Who knew that Tanasha Donna’s simple words on her Instagram Timeline could be used against her?. Perhaps Tanasha did not think well before sharing such sentiments on social media.

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Diamond’s queen took to social media and tried to prove a point to the public, saying that she is authentic and she does not fake lifestyles to prove a point. It is unclear who Tanasha was addressing. Perhaps Diamond Platinumz ex-wife Zari Hassan, who has been accused of flaunting fake wealth. Who Knows?

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Taking to social media, Tanasha donna shared a picture of herself rocking a jumpsuit, and long extension making her look like a diva, with a caption;


I was born to be authentic and REAL. Not to fake perfection and certain lifestyles to prove a point. Have a blessed day ya’l. #KANYAGA

INSTAGRAM Tanasha Donna

Fans reacted weirdly on Tansaha’s post accusing her of lying about being authentic yet he had everything fake from hair, handbags to nails.

Here are the comments;


It all requires money my dear with the little u hv atleast u managed to fake the hair and nails.

@ndarugertruno money 💰 she thinks faking is easy, why is she faking Card B
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It requires money to fake things or prove points. # take notes

@tanashadonna has fake hair, fake nails and she turns around and say she doesn’t live fake life..all those designer bags Lui buttons and Guccis sold in Tz and Kenya are fake..so please lie to pple bout it..and if anyone is aunthentic can plagiarize other pple’s art like many musicians do.
Tanasha Donna’s Fake nails holding Gucci clutch bag
talk about hypocrisy, her captions should just be empty and not lie to us. We are done


@nohno_kayPlus wanting to be Cardi B and copying her style of dressing isn’t that fake? If she wants to be authentic then remove the fake nails, fake hair or don’t hold the fake Gucci and Lui Vitton or fake Rolex watch.

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PHOTO COURTESY Tanasha Donna Copying Cardi B


Whats on your head if not FAKE HAIR….embrace the fakeness everyone has if not nails then hair if not that the personality 😂😂😂

Your hair is fake though 🤔🤔🤔. I’m just saying…! 💃💃💃💃💃

Some fans agreed with tanasha claiming that Unlike Zari, she did not hire cars and men to prove a point

@ndarugertrubut atleast she didn’t rent cars and flaunt unseen man to prove a point 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


@ndarugertruthat’s the definition of fake life to impress people on the gram, and meanwhile, you are dying inside, I love Tanasha cos she is too damn real, she is not in competition with anyone, but herself.

@sarah_blezzywhy will I be jealous? You guys are the ones jealous, cos since diamond introduced Tanasha as his gf,you guys have been dragging them so much, if indeed your queen is very happy and rich as you guys claim, why are you guys still romancing her page and diamond page? Trolling them at every chance you get, is because you guys are pained and bitter that he is happily in a relationship with a beautiful young queen and he has totally got over zari,you guys want him to remain single and sad,begging your zari all the days of his life, but no that didn’t happen 🤣🤣🤣🤣you guys and your zari should move on and stop degrading yourselves, am so ashamed at you guys, you can hardly see tanasha fans go to zari page to troll her, you guys should go and celebrate your invisible kingbae and your rented cars and fake life style for the gram, and leave Tanasha page alone, run along, we positive over here, bye Felicia🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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