Hope Kid interested in collabo with Ringtone


Veteran Kenyan gospel artiste Alex Apoko better known as Ringtone has been trending ever since he started his campaign of searching his lost rib.

Ringtone is under critics after his wife search went to an extra mile of creating a placard advertising his quest.


Over the weekend, Pamela hitmaker took his quest at Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) owned by Bishop Allan Kiuna and Rev Kathy Kiuna, as usual, he was sent away like a stray dog.

Taking to his Instagram account, Ringtone expressed his disappointment following the act.


His barbaric behavior has attracted quite a number of his fellow artists and public figures, some have offered to help him with his search while others have criticized his move.

Mulamwah…Madem hawakutaki ju mkioana mtaitwa the “APOKOS”

jibrilblessing…..Bro are you okay? Just a question, if truly you can’t find a wife with your big eyes what about us and the Chinese 😂😂.

The latest one is award-winning gospel singer Hope Kid who says Ringtone is looking for fame with his latest move since he has gone short of singing ideas.

During a Radio interview, Hope Kid revealed that his controversies paint him different and he should not call himself a gospel artiste.

“Ukisema nifanye kiki nitakuwa sasa mimi sio mwanamuziki. Itakuwa sasa mimi ni Ringtone.Sitakuwa mwanamuziki.” HopeKid.

Hope kid went ahead to narrate that, Ringtone is the father of gospel music in Kenya but even them (fellow artists) don’t understand what is wrong with him.

“Maneno ya Ringtone ni magumu sana. Ni rafiki yetu. Ni ndugu yetu mkubwa. Hatumwelewi kabisa pia sisi. Naweza penda sana kufanya muziki na yeye.” he added.

Hope Kid also showed his interest in doing a collabo with Ringtone who he says apart from being a veteran artist is he also  hard working.

The Autism Light ambassador who is currently riding on his new gospel hit dubbed “control me” was sometimes back faced with a sex scandal, he and his counterpart  DK Kwenye Beat were accused of being sexual predators, with their colleagues taking sides and some brands pulling the plug on the two

However, the duo denied the accusation,  according to Hope Kid, a renown media personality Xtian   Ndela who was the first to blow up the story framed them because he had misunderstandings with DK.

“Xtian has had beef with DK for the longest time, and this was his way of getting back,” says the Delilah singer and award-winning dancehall artiste.

Do you think Ringtone is high on something?



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