I Can’t Even! Ladies, why should you take off your String before sleeping?

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Wearing thongs can be very sexy for many women, however, some know that abusing their use can have serious consequences on vaginal health, especially if you get used to using thongs when sleeping. And is that the genitals need to breathe in some way to be healthy, so gynecologists always recommend sleeping without underwear or comfortable and cotton pants.

Prevents your genitals from breathing

The main thing is that the thread of the thongs, is not made with natural materials, but with synthetics that look attractive.

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These materials and the thin form of the garment, over tighten and retain an uncomfortable position that promotes the transfer of bacteria from the anus to the entrance of the vagina and urethra, which sooner or later, causes vaginal infections. While you sleep, your movements make the same move everywhere, which doubles the consequences.

It moves the bacteria from the anus to your vagina or urethra

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The thin part of the thongs moves as you change position while you sleep and there is a possibility that it can give you an infection. Any type of underwear made with synthetic materials, is much less effective to absorb moisture, which creates a perfect environment for the cultivation of bacteria and infections.

Coupling to that, when sleeping with a thong on, tears and wounds can occur on the skin, which is the preferred place for bacteria to reproduce.

Gynaecologists warn that some of these bacteria are E. coli, which contributes to the development of bladder infections or bacterial vaginiosis. If it is not treated in time, they evolve to an inflammatory pelvic disease that then becomes infertility.

Wear thongs when sleeping promotes hemorrhoids.

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Wearing excess thongs and sleeping with them, favors the appearance of hemorrhoids or causes a lot of irritation if you already have them. Using thongs too tight in the crotch can cause rashes or irritation and even cuts and scrapes.

The skin papilloma is another consequence, which manifests itself with small warts on the skin, as some people have neck, chest and back. But do not be alarmed, if you want to use thongs, it does not mean that you should stop using them, just do it in moderation and take it off before going to sleep and try to make them out of cotton, since it is the best for your vaginal health.

Some nights, choose to sleep without underwear to help your vagina breathe and rest by the use of thongs. In this way, it can be refreshed and prevented from the fungal infections that normally occur in the humid and hot areas of the body.

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