Moses Kuria Takes Blame For Tuju in the Kiambaa Church Leaked Audio

As the 2022 political succession beckons, Deputy President Willliam Ruto has arguably become the most discussed politician and of course one of most embattled.

In viral leaked audio allegedly between Jubilee Secretary-General and  George Nyanja for Senator of Kiambu County, Ruto has been castigated for his quest of funding churches.

Nyancha who is more vocal in the leaked tape, claims that Ruto pretends to be holy yet he orchestrated the burning Kiambaa Church in the 200/2008 Post Election Violence which saw people burned alive while seeking refugee.

Raphael Tuju: If you are sincere that you really Love God,enda jenga ile kwanza

George Nyancha: ile kwanza umjenge ile nyumba yake ulichomea watu wake wakililia uko na wakafa uko

In Tuju’s defence, Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria now gone forth to take the blame. Kuria claims that the rebuilding of the Kiambaa church has been his brainchild which he suggested 10 years ago and not new to the Kiambu residents.

The vocal Legislator went on to warn those castigating Tuju to back off.

“The issue of a monument for the AIG Church Kiambaa is not new. I came out with the idea 10 years ago. Leave Tuju alone,” Kuria posted on his Facebook post.

Earlier on Friday, Tuju disowned the whole audio tape where he turned it as fake.

Tuju has for a while been accused of spearheading plans to betray the DP on his 2022 presidential bid. Earlier the party allegedly had plans to remove MPs allied to Ruto from key parliamentary committees for defying President Uhuru Kenyatta’s order to stop early campaigns.

The MPs’ opponents in the 2017 election have been given plum public jobs as a way of taming them. This called for Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi to demand the ouster of Tuju from the party.



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