Otile Brown Takes Bahati’s Path- Shaving Dreadlocks Too

Otile with and without dreadlocks [Instagram]
After so many trolls and critics, on his new dreadlocks, Otile brown has revealed that he is taking them down since they have served their purpose.

Initially, Otile was rocking a well-shaved head and fans have never complained about. But suddenly, Otile shows up on social media with some locks and his girlfriend Nabayet.


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It’s gonna be a good day. Missed you girl @nabbi__ #justinlovemusic #wegotnothingbutlove

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Immediately Otile Uploaded the short video featuring him in the new hairdo, fans reacted and trolled him for trying to copy Diamond Platinumz.

On realizing that People were not happy, Otile silenced that fans to be prepared for one year because he was going to keep the dreadlock for one year. with so much pressure from fans?

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🤣😂 brace yourselves the hairstyle stays for a year. I love it .polee🤷‍♂️

Well, fans continued to pressure him asking him to pull down the dreadlocks. Finally, Otile has succumbed to the pressure and has hinted that he is pulling them down despite his prior claims of keeping them for a year.

Taking to social media Otile hs shared a photo with captions;

Otile [Instagram]


Purpose served.I guess it’s the last pic with the dreadlocks.. to those who are happy say yes! 🤣 #Amor dropping anytime keep it here , you’re going to make babies with this one . #justinlovemusic#wegotnothingbutlove

From the caption, We can deduce that the dreadlocks were mean for his video shoot for his yet to be released new song # Amor. Otile hints that he would be releasing the song anytime.


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😊 #Amor New Music this week #justinlovemusic #wegotnothingbutlove

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Otile is not the only celebrity to pull down a new hairdo, The same thing happened to Gospel singer Bahati whose dreadlocks were shaved by his wife Diana Marua after Fans lashed out at Bahati for adding extensions on his signature baby locks.


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#BAHATIREALITY Episode 2 is Now Live on YouTube Link My Bio…. INGEKUA WEWE UNGEFANYAJE???

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