Koffi Olomide’s Past Mistakes Cost Him Dearly In South Africa

Koffi Olomide [Instagram]

Be careful with everything that you do today because it might haunt you in future. Congolese singer perhaps did not expect that a crime he committed many years back would haunt him today and even become a stumbling block to his career.

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This follows an incident where two South African local venues cancelled Koffi Olomide’s concerts, simply because he was convicted by a French court of statutory rape of his dancer in March 2019. Koffi is said to have committed the crime when the dancer was 15 years old.

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Koffi In Court [Photo Courtesy]
The court handed Olomide a 2-year suspended prison sentence and fined him 10,000 euros.

But who are the feminists? four feminists backed up by other protesters launched a social media campaign running under #StopKoffiOlomide to stop the concerts due to his dark side of being a convicted rapist.

Successfully, the protesters managed to pass their message and the management of the Gallagher Convention Centre took action in their favour and cancelled the concert.

Two local venues have cancelled concerts by Congolese singer Koffi Olomide.
Gallagher Convention Center CEO Wilson Charles [Photo Courtesy]

Speaking on Wednesday the CEO for Gallagher Convention Centre Charles Wilson said;

Kindly be advised the Koffi Olomide show… will not be taking place.

On the other hand, Shimmy beach had announced that it will not host the embattled musician. Taking to Twitter, the management of Shimmy beach club announced that;

Happy protesters took to social media and expressed joy after they learned that their voice was heard and Koffi Concerts were cancelled. See what they wrote;

Tickets still being sold even after concerts cancelled

While the #stopkoffiolomide pioneers and supporters are celebrating, some individuals claim that the tickets for the Olomide’s concerts are still in the market selling big.

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