The ‘prodigal son’ Neymar homesick, sends a heart pricking message to PSG

“At the end of the day, our hearts just want to be home, but our homes aren’t always where we rest our heads.” Do you remember this foolish vibe by Bliss?

Well, the Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar remembers it too well and has furthered his quarrel with PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi, a war that seems not to end soon unless the Brazilian is released.

The two have had a gruesome argument as their earlier friendship is now a thing of the past and what remains is nothing but name calling and hurling of insults.

Barcelona triggered the war by posting their desire to bring back the player to Nou Camp.

At the sight of that, the 27-year-old completely changed his mind from the French club and started forcing a move to Barcelona, a thing that did not go well with PSG president.

During an interview with the one French outlet, the PSG President said that; “The players are going to have to assume their responsibilities even more than before.

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“It has to be completely different. They will have to do more, work more. They are not here to have fun.

“And if they don’t agree with this point of view, the doors are open. Ciao!

“I no longer want to have superstar behaviour.”

While the president did not mention any player’s name in his statement, many have termed the statement as targeting Neymar following his current controversies.

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Neymar, on the other side, responded by stopping any negotiation involving his contract extension in the club.

Since he wanted to prove he is the boss, Al-Khelaifi sent a rejoinder stating that no one forced the Brazilian to sign for the club.

The Brazil sensational knows very well that he is currently the most expensive player in the world and he because he did not want to lower his worth, he sent a heart pricking eight-word statement to the president.

Neymar reiterated to PSG what he had told his former players at Barca. “I want to go back to my home.” This is in reference to Barcelona.

As it stands, the only solution to this ugly scene is for Al-Khelaifi to let the star out as the current state is completely not healthy for the club.


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