Mr Seed’s brilliant new song blows up the internet

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Mr Seed’s much-anticipated song titled ‘For You’ is finally out and has received so much love since it’s release. The praise song dedicated to God has excited many Christians in the country.

Despite the cheating allegations leveled against him an all the drama that is surrounding him right now, his music remains quite competitive in the market. He expresses thanksgiving in the new song.

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While many still can’t decide whether the gospel artists in Kenya today are genuine or only doing it for the money, they manage to keep people inspired with their music.

It’s crazy how the powerful lyrics completely align with what he is going through in life right now. This is illustrated when he sings of even in hardship he continues to do it for God. He dedicates his life in the new song. Check out the complete video below:

Baba G Issa hit after hit….blessing after Blessing….here before 1000 views nipewe likes za baba G
Mr seed bruh you gat talent…now jalas,djmoh,willis and mzazi willy m teeeee kipaji kikali content kiukweli ameweza wacha tuwapatie support wasanii wa africa mashariki… Haya acha tuone wangapi wanasupport ke music…tz we locked!
Na Christ mimi siwezi parara 💯 Step by step mi nasonga 🔥
May the Lord for the good thing you are doing we will continue supporting you
Daddy WA gold your on another level may God bless u
Mr seed✓ Beat✓ Audio✓ Ayo Alex✓🔥🔥🔥 Music ✓🔥🔥🔥🔥💪
mr.seed banah hii sasa ndio form wacha wakinong’ona uku nje wwe endelea kutubless broh! let us see what number of pple like you

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