Kenyan ladies LOVE their “mitumba” shoes

The only other way to a girl’s heart other than food, is a good pair of shoes.

The one thing women from anywhere in Kenya all have in common is that we all own a pair of thrifted shoes. Be it from way back when, or just today afternoon’s guilty pleasure, we have all bought at least one pair of thrifted shoes at some pont in our lives.

I understand there are those who prefer going designer all the way (we are sorry), but for most of us, thrifted shoes actually come in handy for several reasons. For one, it’s rare to find another person with the same exact pair of shoes as yours (unless ni zile Vans na Yeezy’s za watu wa Buru smh.)

But this doesn’t apply for everything. Ofcourse a girl’s gotta have that one pair of shoe that probably cost half of her salary that they don’t just wear anywhere. And there’s absolutely no problem with that too. I mean you gotta treat yoself too you know?

Zumi Mtumba Shoes
Source: Antony Trivet Photography


Shoes like those are the ones you go out to a classy dinner with, or even office shoes which do not need to be shaky to avoid extra embarrassment for the rest of your working days(trust me, I’ve been there).

However the key to buying Mitumba shoes is one: Careful Selection.

With the proper eye and touching expertise, you could just bag yourself  a shoe worth 2k for just 400 bob. Yeah, I said it.

Zumi Mtumba Flats Shoes
Source: Chronomical


These are the reasons why I love my “Mtumba” Shoes.
1. They are of a higher quality.

Many people might not know this but many pairs of second-hand shoes are usually of a higher quality compared to the 500 bob shoes sold in the CBD. These shoes wear out in a week or even less depending on the strain. When it comes to second-hand shoes, select them carefully to make sure they are not worn or simply glued together. Look at the soul and seams for any irregularities. Remember to ask for a good deal when shopping.

Zumi Mtumba Shoes Flats
Source: Thrifting Diva


2. They can take the strain.

Compared to the new “leather” shoes available in Nairobi, mtumba shoes can actually give you a run for your money because they last a long time. If you take care of your shoes, they will not wear out fast.  Buy shoes that are in good condition to help you save on buying flats every other week.



3. They are already broken in.

This is one of my biggest problems with new flats, they dig into the back of your foot for a while before breaking in. This is because of the materials used to make them. They are stiff and could leave you with big wounds and blisters.

Zumi Mtumba Shoes
Source: Chacha The Fashion Genius


4. They are cheap.

Depending on where you buy your second-hand shoes, they could be cheaper than the new shoes. Good second-hand shoes can range anywhere between 200 and 2000 depending on where you shop. You could unknowingly get yourself a designer shoe for literally nothing compared to their original price in the UK and US.

Mtumba Shoes Zumi
Source: Pink Sole

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